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Dripping Pipes with inline flat Dripper and wides water passages with two lines



  • High precision molds with Swiss technology.
  • No clogging due to widest possible water passages.
  • No sediment penetrating labyrinth due to multiple inlet filters.
  • Suitable for hard water containing more than 500 ppm total dissolved solids
  • Outperforms cylindrical drippers in regards of clogging and lateral runs
  • Available in high discharge rates suitable for dessert like evapo transpiration (above 10 mm per day).
  • Unlike cylindrical drippers high resistant to mechanical stress and cracking.
  • Long dripper with narrow labyrinths.
  • Excellent average manufacturing coefficient ‘A’ Class, CV under < 5%
  • Low working pressures and low volume system design reduces cost.
  • Recommended: filtration 120 Mesh.

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